The Voice of Jesus

The Fountian Of Youth

Gethsemane Portrayed

Wonderful Love

Jesus And The Children

Oh, Father Bless My Child

The Spirit Filled Life

Christ In The Garden

To The Rescue

Not Small

He Would Not Give Man Up

Power Of The Holy Spirit

Christ Knocking At The Door

Joy Bye And Bye

The Voice

Will You Not Make Your Heart His Throne?

He Loves You So

The Glance Of Love

Christ Says I Gave My All

He Won A Victory Most Grand

The Weight Of Sin

The Cross Reveals...

By The Weak Things...

Jesus Love

At The Close Of The Solemn Judgment

The Sabbath Made For Man

He Knew And Still He Loved

Pierced By The Soldiers Spear

The Lord Is My Shepherd

He Need Not Have Done It

The Greatest Wound

Jesus Commended His Spirit...

Into The Night

Too Much Too Great

Jesus Himself Is The Key

Christ Visits The Temple

Contemplating The Sacrifice

Is Your Heart Right?

Steps To Christ

The Shoe

How Why Who?

What Christ has done, who he is and what he meant to the poet.

Christ & Salvation

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